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Mi Estilo is the Spanish bilingual online publication looking to represent the changing faces of professional Latinos in Metro Detroit area. We believe in inclusion as the way to bridge differences and accurately portray Latinos in all of our different backgrounds and shades.

Mi Estilo believes that integrity and honesty as being the foundation for establishing and building a top-quality publication.Lastly, we believe that Latinos can be both American and Latino, while remaining true to both complementary sides of their identity. Integrate…not assimilate.

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Mi Estilo Mag
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About Our Team

José Rodriguez


José A. Rodríguez is editor-in-chief and one of the founding partners in Mi Estilo. He was born in Detroit. José is a first-generation Mexican that grew up speaking Spanish until kindergarten. He received his undergraduate degree in English from University of Michigan-Dearborn with minors in History and Hispanic Studies.

José brings previous writing experience as well as his observations of being both Latino and American. He feels that individuals can acknowledge both sides of their identity while remaining true to themselves. José feels that Mi Estilo can be a vehicle to bridge the gap between all kinds of Latinos and those interested in Latino culture. He also feels that before we bring attention to others that we need to look at ourselves.

Renée Rodriguez

Public Relations Director

Renée Rodriguez is the public relations director and a founding partner of Mi Estilo.  She is Mexican and Caucasian, which allows her to understand what it is like to be influenced by two cultures. Renée has spent time studying and traveling in Mexico and has lived in Los Angeles.  She grew up outside of Detroit and currently resides in Royal Oak, MI.

Renée holds an undergraduate degree from Wayne State University in Spanish and a Masters in Business Adminstration from the University of Phoenix.  She has worked with numerous non-profits throughout Michigan and the Los Angeles area.  Renée has  created programs that have empowered the Hispanic community, such as the Teen Leadership Development Institute at Hollywood High School and work at Covenant House California.

Renée brings business and public relations insight to Mi Estilo.  She has acquired photography skills throughout the years and contributes photos for Mi Estilo.  Renée believes that Mi Estilo will help provide a unique, progressive voice to the Latino community of Metro Detroit.

Paula Anderanin

Creative Director

Paula Anderanin is the creative director for Mi Estilo and is a founding partner.  Paula has had the experience of growing up in Argentina and the United States. She is heavily influenced from the culture exposed by her native country where she lived until she was 14 years old. Paula spent her young adulthood living in the suburbs of Metro Detroit where she experienced American culture.

After graduating from the College of Creative Studies with a major in Graphic Design, Paula moved to California. She spent 3 years running her own design business there. After returning to Michigan, Paula worked  for the largest minority advertising agency in the United States, GlobalHue. She had the opportunity to refine her skills in multicultural advertising.

Paula believes that there is a need to bridge together the population of Latinos in Metro Detroit and sees the magazine as an opportunity to fill this gap.

Our Contributors

Carolina Graciela


Carolina Graciela is a very talented woman who has an extensive background in the performing arts (piano, dance, musical theatre, opera and acting).  As a result, she covers Mi Estilo’s cultural events in the Arts and Entertainment section.  Her writing style gives the reader a “feel you are there” moment.  Her writing exemplifies objectivity with vividness that is passionate, direct and informational.  She has been published in the Birmingham Eccentric, El Central Hispanic News and other area papers.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and influenced by European and South American cultures, she considers herself a citizen of the world—relating to people of all nationalities. Her cultural background continues to be instrumental in daily social and business interactions.

We asked, “Why the arts? She answered, “Artistic expression whether via music, dance or applied arts is a universal language understood by the soul.  It speaks to many on a sublime level.”

I love it all! And I’m delighted to bring this essence to Mi Estilo……..

She desires to bring an awareness of the diversity and significant contribution people of Hispanic origins have given to the world in the realms of science, arts and technology. Carolina would like to see the perceived stereotypes dismantled and  believes that the collaborative efforts within Mi Estilo will do just that.

Salvador Cid III

Graphic Designer / Photographer

Salvador Cid III was born in Dearborn.  He was raised in southwest Detroit, but relocated to Livonia, MI before beginning elementary school.  Art is something that has been part of Salvador’s world since he was a little kid.

Drawing was his first love, which later transitioned into t-shirt design, graphic design, and now photography.  In December 2010, Salvador will be receiving his associate degree in graphic design from Schoolcraft College.  Also, this year, he won BEST of PHOTOGRAPHY at the 2010 Schoolcraft College Student Art Show.

Salvador has been heavily involved in the MMA(mixed martial arts) world in Michigan because of the clothing brand, 3 Kings Fight Gear, that he ran for two years, until it closed in 2009.

SC3 Designs is his new venture.  He offers award winning photography and creatively edgy graphic design, which is all displayed on his website, www.sc3designs.com.

Karla Casab

Art Director

Karla Casab was born in Mexico City, the second largest city in the world, where she lived until she was 25. Living in this gigantic city, Karla could not avoid the influence of the variety of outdoor advertising of all types and sizes. Displays, billboards, posters, banners, delivery vehicles and painted with brand logos were seen throughout the city and was by this barrage of graphic images that Karla was attracted by the advertising world and decided to study graphic design at the University De La Salle in Mexico.

Karla has over fourteen years of professional experience in advertising, she worked as Art Director for important advertising agencies in Mexico, as well as, Account Executive at Accentmarketing for several years.  This is one of the leading full-service  Hispanic marketing and Communications agency in the United States.
She lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan and she is convinced that the Hispanic market is assuming increasingly important role, which is reflected in the society of this country.

Beatriz Grissela Pérez Molina


Beatriz Grissela Pérez Molina nació en Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Islas Canarias, España. A los siete años emigró junto a sus padres, a Barcelona, en donde residió hasta los catorce años, momento en el que regresó a su tierra natal. Conocer dos culturas tan distintas dentro de su país le enseñó que las diferencias son una riqueza inestimable. A los 28 años residió en Ann Arbor, MI, durante casi seis años. De vuelta en Tenerife, decidió volver a EEUU hace año y medio a Illinois y nunca se ha cansado de aprender.

Grissela es licenciada en Filología Hispánica y tiene el Diploma de Estudios Avanzados en Comunicación y Periodismo. En la actualidad, está preparando su tesis doctoral. Ha trabajado durante casi 30 años en radio y 5 años en televisión. Creó e impartió un seminario intensivo sobre cómo hablar en público, con el fin de ayudar a vencer barreras frente a los demás. Ha sido modelo publicitaria, presentadora, guionista de radio, televisión y teatro y ha ganado diversos premios de poesía con publicación. Hoy agradece a Mi Estilo la posibilidad de publicar artículos y estrechar lazos entre todas las comunidades, y se esfuerza en que las puertas del mundo estén siempre abiertas.

Beatriz Grissela Pérez Molina was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. At seven years old, she moved with her parents to Barcelona, where she lived until she was fourteen years old and then returned. Knowing two different cultures within her own country showed Grissela that differences provide invaluable wealth. At 28 years old, she moved in Ann Arbor, MI, where she lived for almost six years. After returning to Tenerife, Grissela decided to move to the Illinois, a year and a half ago, and she will never be tired of the learning experience.

She holds a Master Degree in Spanish Philology and also a Advanced Studies Diploma in Journalism and Communications. Today, Grissela is preparing her Ph.D.

She has been working for almost 30 years on the radio and 5 in television. Grissela developed an in-depth seminar on public speaking, in order to help people overcome others. She has been a model; publicist; script writer for radio, tv and theatre; and she also has won different awards in poetry.

Grissela is grateful to Mi Estilo for the chance to publish her articles and strengthen bonds between communities and make the effort to open doors.

Cintia Neary


Cintia lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina until the tender age of 13. At that time she and her family moved to Rochester, MI. To say that that was a big adjustment would be an understatement. As if moving to another country and learning a new language were not enough, her senior year in High School she had to attend a new school due to her family moving to Troy. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and so life goes on and you have to move on with it if you want to learn from your experiences.

Cintia graduated from Oakland University (Psychology degree) in 2002 and is currently tutoring Spanish to adult students.

Rhonda Gutierrez


Rhonda Gutierrez is a writer for Mi Estilo Magazine.  She is a full-time student, currently working towards her bachelor’s degree of psychology.  Rhonda has been employed by the Applebee’s Corporation since 2000.  Working as a server gives her the opportunity to network and meet all kinds of interesting people.  The most important job Rhonda has is the job of mother.  A working mom of two children, ages fourteen and five, she finds organization and time management to be very important life skills.  Parenting and family articles are most interesting to her, as her some of her parenting experiences are familiar to others.

Growing up in Southwest Detroit, Rhonda had the opportunity to be raised among a variety of ethnicities.  The Detroit Public School system and the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Detroit offered great exposure of children of all cultures.  Rhonda is a mixture of Mexican, Italian, Irish, English, and Cherokee Indian.  Rhonda and her family lived with her great-grandfather who was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, until she was four years old.  She developed a strong bond with her grandfather and, as a result, has a great love for Mexican culture.

Rhonda’s future goals include working as a therapist for children.  Currently residing in Wyandotte, she would love to see more Hispanic culture in her new city.  She plans to bring awareness to the public school system and the city.  In her spare time, she plans on devoting volunteer time toward helping abused children in Southwest Detroit.

She is hoping that the Mi Estilo Magazine will bring awareness to Latino culture and unite all the beautiful people of these cultures to strengthen the community.

You can read Rhonda’s blog at:  http://mividaloca-mividaloca.blogspot.com/