Instead of Judging

Why are so many people consumed by hate? No matter what tragedy occurs, the public and media focus on the negative and find the bad in every person and every situation. When Amy Winehouse passed away people said, “Oh well…it’s her own fault.  She shouldn’t have abused drugs and alcohol.”  The same words are spewing out of the mouths of many, as we mourned the death of Whitney Houston.  They were addicts consumed by bad feelings, paparazzi, sadness and stress.  We do not know what they were going through.  We only know that they are gone.

People seem unable to forgive others for their wrongs.  Haven’t we all made mistakes? If these mistakes were made public to the world, life would be much different for all of us.

I have heard many people protest regarding the Chris Brown Grammy Award performance.  Many feel as though he should not be allowed to make music or be invited to any awards, after the drama between him and Rhianna.  He was wrong to hit her because a man should never put his hands on a woman.  As a survivor of domestic violence, the story pissed me off at the time.  However, it is over.  He has paid his debt to society, apologized and served his time doing community service.  Hopefully, he has learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

What must one do, in order to be forgiven for mistakes? I know I have made my share. I’ve made some dumb decisions out of immaturity and inexperience.  However, these mistakes make us wiser, better people.  Stars are not perfect.  They are human.  They misbehave.  They get addicted.  They die.

Let’s learn to be a little easier on one another because we all go through hard times. Instead of judging, take the time to help in some way or simply learn from the mistakes of others.  Focus on some good instead of giving in to anger and hatred.


“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Gandhi

By: Rhonda Gutierrez

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