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Do People Even Know You?

Some time ago, I came across the profile of someone … Read more

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Does Life Have A Delete Button?

Delete does not mean erase. Instead of pushing that button in anger, grow up, deal with the situations and start using Facebook as a tool instead of a weapon.

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Facebook Confessions

Dear readers, I have been taking some time dealing with … Read more

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Latino Professionals Come To Mix and Mingle

Providing a place where Latinos could meet each other is … Read more

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So What Is It That You Want?

For both my personal and professional lives, I use social … Read more

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Time Is Slipping Away

As I stumble through Facebook, reconnecting with long lost family … Read more

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Social Networking: Closer Together or Further Apart?

It’s not that I’m anti-technology. I just want everyone to keep in mind how good it feels to have a good cry with your girlfriends after a break up, get a hug from your mom or to hear your sister lol for real. The best things are real life.

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Dating Now

Not a whole lot has changed in the world of … Read more

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Mi Estilo On Its Way Up

I thought that I’d tell you what Mi Estilo has … Read more